Wavebricks Network Infrastructure


Gateways and nodes

Typical LoRa Network : Star topology

Wavebricks = Star + Mesh topologies

Advanced LoRa Network

The Wavebricks network enables the use of multiple radio technologies to take advantage of their specificities:

  • LoRa : long range (3km in urban environement, >10km in line of sight), energy efficient, low data rate
  • Wifi : close range (<100m), high data rate, available on user devices, not energy friendly
  • BLE (Bbluetooth Low Energy) : short range(<15m), medium data rate, available on modern user devices, energy efficient

The Wavebricks network allows mesh and star communications to be established using either one or several of these 3 radio technologies. It enables multi-hop communications, thanks to devices able to repeat the data until it reaches a gateway or a device linked to the internet.

Thanks to that technology breach, it is possible to make devices communicate through any distance using repeaters. Combined with the exceptional long range of the LoRa radio technology, it permits the setup of an IoT infrastructure at the best possible cost.

Wavehub L1-868


Wavehub-city L1-868


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