About us

A team of passionate specialists, who enjoy making astounding products for happy customers in record time.

Manuel YGUEL

Director, Head of R&D

Manuel holds a PhD in Robotics and autonomous vehicles prepared at INRIA Rhône-Alpes. He is also a stubborn bike-rider. After an international research career, he settled in Strasbourg and became obsessed about having his two-wheeler NOT stolen. This journey led him to learn a lot about entrepreneurship, radio protocols, 3D printing… and to meet his co-founders. You will often find him in strange positions, climbing rocks with his bare hands, or teaching how to code to young people.

Yannick JOST

Chief Executive Officer, Software development

Yannick has entrepreneurship at heart and is one of the co-founders of the project. He has 15+ years of experience in developing and leading software development and robotics projects. He is an adept of Agile and Lean project management. Always aiming at customer satisfaction, he pays close attention to feedback. He enthusiastically contributes to the fast-growing local startup community. Why not come and listen to his guitar solos while he’s playing with his rock & blues band ?


Head of Hardware Development

Joël is in charge of the hardware design of our products and of sourcing electronic components. Apart from knowing every existing norm on this planet (we never tested him about lunar-grade safety), he also happens to be an engineer in energy efficiency. He has an exceptional tolerance for sugary foods abuse which amazes his coworkers every day


Head of Software Development

After a first experience in a startup in Montreal, he decided to join the Strataggem adventure and became one of its co-founders. He has 10 years’ experience in developing and leading software development and is also passionate about aviation. While piloting aircrafts, he gets (very) high several times a month and thus gains more perspective about this world.


Embedded Software Development and Electronics Engineering

Max built his first 3D-printer before he learnt to drive. He also likes making robots, gyropods, giant laser-based games and a lot of things that preferably no-one else has seen around (yet). He’s also a brilliant developer, that’s why we like having his kind of hybrid animal in our office.


Electronics conception and Firmware Development

Theo is in charge of the firmwares products devlopment, and participates in their electronic design.
He also built his own video game console, for which he won several  entrepreneurial awards. Theo loves challenging himself : that’s why he takes part in projects which have high energy and performance optimization constraints. He is also DJ and participates in the organisation of electro parties. And because he loves playing with stage effects, he created all the visual installation with (a lot of) LED lamps.  


Communication and Marketing Officer

Because talking is for her a real passion, Helena chose to take advantage of this « quality » to specialize herself in Communication and Marketing. If you want to debate about video games, webdesign, blogging, and comment the latest geek trends, you knock at the right door !
In her opinion, branding is the very essence of communication. That’s why she dedicates her work and her inspiration in nurturing and sharing this identity in every possible ways.

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