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Does IoT serve Smart Mobility ?

We searched for a long time to move faster, cheaper, safer… without searching to move more intelligently in the global context of circulation in town. Until now, few research studies were considering traffic flows as an ecosystem instead of a cluster of transport mediums all more efficient than each other. Here the question is : do we deal with the right problem ?

5 ways to fight the heat using IoT

Summer 2019 was a scorching season in the whole Europe, and since 2003, these episodes are following one another. Nowadays, IoT solutions exist that allow us to support these heat waves and live our daily lives as best as we can. Here is a list of IoT uses during heavy heat.

Radio in Space

Today (and for nearly 60 years), the most common way to communicate with a spacecraft is through radio waves. But as technology and the aerospace industry are constantly evolving, how far will we go?

La Rose de l’Espace

Do you want to know the performance of wide area networks in space? So do we! With feet on the ground and head in the stars, Strataggem flew into the startosphere on June 15 thanks to ECAM students. Read the article to learn more about the project!