Written by Helena Furgoni



The whole team welcomes you to our blog! We want to share with you a little bit of our daily life, our projects, to introduce you to the world of an IoT start-up, and its office full of electronic components and coffee cups. We also want to express ourselves! Ideas are flying at 200 km/h at the office, and we love spending our lunch time commenting on the latest IoT trends. So we said to ourselves: since we’re a little talkative and rather sociable, let’s get started!

Diversity: the key word

We rely on a diversity of audience and content! The idea is a multi-cap blog which will talk about electronic components, the main IoT trends and current events. Wondering which technology to use to connect your Christmas tree? We’re here. The development of Smart-City in France? We’re here too. The latest information on our products, and the events we attend? We’re still here, of course!

But then for whom do we write? IoT enthusiasts, curious people in search of information, electronic adventurers, hardware addicts, city lovers! Our ultimate goal, and this is the ultimate goal of the blog as well, is to share information. You who study in search of knowledge, who go in search of answers, you makers in search of inspiration, entrepreneurs in search of IoT products: welcome!

If you have any ideas for articles, news you would like to share, suggestions on the blog in general, don’t hesitate to tell us about it! We would be truly happy to hear your opinion and listen to your ideas. Or even to publish you, if you have an article on loan, which corresponds to our editorial line!

To contact us: contact@strataggem.com

Photo by Mabel Amber from Pexels